parking lot marking

and Pavement maintenance services

Pavement marking

Pavement line striping is one of the least expensive maintenance items your business incurs.

Crack Sealing

Hot rubberized crack filler is designed to withstand the high traffic parking lots typically receive.

traffic signs

Every parking sign we supply and install includes high performance reflective sheeting that will not fade.

Trafix specializes in parking lot striping, pavement marking and parking facility maintenance services. We serve the entire Boston area including all of the eastern Massachusetts region, local cities and towns.

Parking lot services we offer include pavement line striping, parking & traffic signs, handicap parking signsasphalt crack filling, OSHA compliant markings of warehouses, line striping of shipping docks, parking garages, school yard markings and electric vehicle charging stations EV parking spaces. Be sure to visit our services links for more information. 

Need it fixed?
Trafix delivers high quality results, providing solutions to meet your parking needs.